The Ridiculousness of The Radio Ratings Process

The Ridiculousness of The Radio Ratings Process

by Tracy Johnson

Ratings are broken. The ridiculousness of the radio ratings process continues and it appears broadcasters are doing little about it.

Consider this:

This stadium is packed with over 70,000 people.

packed stadium

Now imagine that in one section is a group of about 150 folks. They’re various ages, genders and races. Several primary languages are spoken. They live in different areas, work different jobs and belong to many different socio-economic classes.

Would it make sense to isolate these 150 people and, ask a series of questions and draw a conclusion that would be assumed true, then projected to the entire stadium?

Is it reasonable to believe that the behavior of 150 people is indicative of the habits of a packed stadium? That’s the radio game.

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What useful information would we learn about their eating habits or what type of car they prefer? Or what magazines they read, which social media platforms they use, and whether they’re iPhone or Android? The data is utterly unreliable.

Yet that’s what the broadcast industry allows the ratings companies to get away with. Except it’s actually worse.

Radio Ratings Process is Ridiculous

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