If Listeners Care, They Already Know. Information is Secondary!

If Listeners Care, They Already Know. Information is Secondary!

by Tracy Johnson

What’s more important: Information delivered or interpretation of the information? Information is secondary. Perspective in the content is primary.

Think about any major news event in the past few years. How long did it take for the information to reach you? You probably knew in minutes. You heard it from a friend. Or a text message. Or a Twitter message. Or a push alert.

And you heard about it long before the newspaper, television or radio station reported it.

There are exceptions, of course.  For example, local weather emergencies like a tornado, flash flood, earthquake or fire. Or the rare news event that is unfolding in real time, like a shooting at a local school

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But for daily information, your success is not about being first to report the story. It’s about finding ways to add value to information they likely already know. 

And that makes your job more difficult, because you can’t just read copy and inform listeners. You have to give the content meaning.

So when programming and writing reports, think in terms of how to add perspective that supports your brand.

Information Is Secondary: Perspective is Primary

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