7 Tips For Perfect Song Segues

7 Tips For Perfect Song Segues

by Tracy Johnson

If you’re on a music station, every single thing that happens is important. That’s particularly true for song segues. How songs fit together in the fabric of your grand is critical to the listening experience.

Music scheduling software and automation systems can make a station sound good because they can perfect the mechanics of recorded presentation. It’s consistent and tight. In this regard, automation is far superior than human intervention in the science of performance.

But no matter how precisely each track is edited and transition points marked, technology can’t adjust based on the following element. But you can. Humans paying attention to the music mix can make a station sound great, and this is a key advantage as we face pressure for TSL from digital music services.

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Crafting Perfect Song Segues

There’s an art to creating great song transitions and it’s quickly becoming a lost art. Every transition is a reflection of  your show, your station and your brand. That alone should be motivation to improve in this area.

Here are 7 tips that can help get you started. Have more ideas? I’d love to add them to the list. Share them with me at tracy@tjohnsonmediagroup.com.

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