Drew Bennett’s Five Immutable Laws of Music Scheduling

Drew Bennett’s Five Immutable Laws of Music Scheduling


First of all, I took a shot at coming up with twenty-two laws (shout-out to Ries and Trout) but if I’m honest, there’s pecan pie in the kitchen and football on TV right now. I do have some strong opinions on what I consider immutable laws of music scheduling, though.

These are the five main points we cover during each MusicMaster workshop. For now, there are only five (until I come up with seventeen more).

The five immutable laws of music scheduling are:

  • Bad logs start with bad turnover.
  • Rules are meant to control; not to fix.
  • Variety is the most important goal in a quarter hour
  • We’re stuck with 24 hours but…
  • Incomplete data costs you time (and probably money.)
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