How to Use Music Beds on Your Show [audio]

How to Use Music Beds on Your Show [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

You probably use music beds in various ways on your show, but many shows do so without a strategic plan or knowing exactly how to.

Why use music beds? Do you really need it? Usually, personalities play a music bed under the mistaken impression that it will add pace or energy. It can help momentum, but it often becomes a crutch, substituting for sharp, concise content.

When choosing production pieces, pick music that either fits the topic or sets a tone.Beds are to support your content. Use them to enhance your material, and help you entertain. If you’re doing a story about something that happened to you on an airplane, using “Danger Zone” from Top Gun may make sense to set the stage.

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Many times, music beds are just there, in the background, and they are distracting. It’s almost as if they compete with your break.

Keep the levels a little lower so you cut through easily, and avoid use music beds that include vocals, unless you’re using the vocals as part of your content.

Music Beds for Energy

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