Coaching Talent: Keep Them Leashed Until Learned

Coaching Talent: Keep Them Leashed Until Learned

by Tracy Johnson

When training a puppy, it’s really exciting to watch them learn a new skill. It’s working! Or when they start to show the signs that they’re potty trained. You’re so happy and proud! And you think that you’re on the right path. That they’re finally getting it. So you relax your rules. And stop paying as much attention. And then, trouble follows. With puppies, it’s important to keep them leashed until learned.

And so it is with air personalities. Coaching talent is an art more than a science. Yet there are many principles that can help you manage through problems and challenges.

The leash is a great training tool. It lets a trainer play a supportive role. By allowing more or less rope, the dog can express themselves as they earn freedom to explore their personality. This is so much better than managing with a stick and beating the dog when they step out of line.

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But allowing too much room is a recipe for disaster, especially when the puppy is young and not ready for it.

Establish a relationship with personalities to get their attention to help them learn, grow and evolve. This is good for you, and it’s good for them. When they’re growing, they’re productive and healthy. Just like dogs who keep learning new tricks and skills. Once they master a fundamental skill, move on to a new concept.

Leashed Until Learned: Going Off-Leash

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