How To Air Check Radio Shows: Theme #11-Emotional Moments

How To Air Check Radio Shows: Theme #11-Emotional Moments

by Tracy Johnson

The difference between good shows and extraordinary shows is often the ability to connect with the audience with emotional moments. That makes for a great air check theme.



Remember, emotions aren’t just making people cry or being sensitive. It’s being provocativeProvocative has nothing to do with dirty or edgy. It’s the ability to cause a reaction from your target listener. That’s powerful.

In this technique, focus all of your attention on how well you are making the audience feel something. Ignore the information and facts. Focus instead on what talent is actually doing with the topic.


Air Check Theme: Emotional Moments

Here’s how to evaluate an air check using this strategy. Focus on just one break, the most high-profile segment of the day.

What emotions were represented on the show today? How?

What content had the potential to provoke a response, but didn’t What could we have done to make it more impactful?

What was the preparation process for this break?

What did you do to set up the topic in advance?

Could we have brainstormed differently? Deeper?

Now that it’s over, what would you do differently?

Was this specific break provocative? Did it cause a reaction?

Did we deliver an emotional connection? Or was it shallow, just skimming the surface?

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How are you projecting and promoting emotional moments?

Was the hook emotional?

Was it teased and promoted properly How was the setup?

If this show lacked a dramatic moment, evaluate the preparation process. Every show should have at least one moment that is developed and planned to impact the listener deeply.

Is the presentation factual and informational or is it presented with perspective, point of view and personality? That’s the key to performing emotionally.

Is there a surprising moment in the break? Something unexpected? Or is everything common and ordinary?

Do emotional moments sound spontaneous and genuine or manufactured? The art of proper preparation and performance is to plan tight and perform loose.

Are you giving them a smile, a laugh, a good feeling? Humor is the most powerful emotion, and should be built into every quarter hour, if possible.

Author: Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson specializes in radio talent coaching, radio consulting for programming and promotions and developing digital strategies for brands.

For more than 30 years, Johnson has been developing on-air superstars that attract fans, retain audiences and generate revenue.

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