Here’s How To Fix Your Radio Station With Zero-Based Programming

Here’s How To Fix Your Radio Station With Zero-Based Programming

by Tracy Johnson

It happens to every radio station, and chances are, yours is no exception. Every now and then, every programmer should step back and re-evaluate everything on the air. In detail. With fresh eyes. With zero based programming, you can fix any problem.

It’s a critical step in the process of managing a brand. Over time, we all get a little sloppy. A little fat. You know how it happens, right? You start clean and tight. Then you add a weekend promotion, and a few extra promos are scheduled. Sales needs an appearance, and you compromise. Need a new breaker or music bed? They find their way on the air. Songs pile up in the recurrent category.

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The morning show adds some produced elements and they become a fixture. A new feature comes on the air and we like it. But it’s added to what’s already on. Nothing comes off.

Software developers call it feature creep. The original purpose of the program is compromised because of small features added. Many of these features take you away from the original purpose. At home, you call it a jam-packed attic filled with junk!

How to Zero Base Programming

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