Programming Analysis: Is Talk Bad?

Programming Analysis: Is Talk Bad?

by Tracy Johnson

Analysis is killing some great moments on the air. And it’s holding back some radio stations. More specifically, programming over-analysis is crushing many air personalities. Reaction to ratings data and research has led many broadcasters to ask, “Is talk bad?”.

Let’s look at it another way.

Reliable data tells us that if our diet consists of four Big Macs per day, with super-sized fries and a large chocolate shake, and we don’t exercise, we’ll become obese and have a high likelihood of heart disease. Science can tell you the percentages and exactly what will happen.

That’s not the diet that caused Jarod to lose all that weight! Yes, I know Jarod was Subway, but you get the point.

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So, applying the logic of an overly analytical PD, he/she may suggest that eating one Big Mac per day would result in 1/4 the risk. This is, mostly ridiculous. There is a threshold at which the risk becomes dangerous. Extrapolating data from the whole is inaccurate.

This is exactly the type of logic many programmers are enforcing on air talent.

Programming Over-Analysis: Is Talk Bad? Really?

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