Exaggeration Is a Key to a Great Story

Exaggeration Is a Key to a Great Story

by Tracy Johnson

Jeff & Jer were great storytellers. They shared their lives on the air every single day. How did they do it? By understanding story anatomy, and through creative exaggeration.

Jeff Elliott shared some of the secrets behind how the show turns seemingly ordinary events from their lives into share-able, repeatable entertainment:

This is where the skills of an improv troupe is useful. They call it advancing the football; making sure you’re taking chances and playing with others so that unexpected moments arise. Never blocking the advancement of the bit. You can block the bit by your attitude or mood, by cheap, easy punch lines, or by lack of investment in the game at hand.

The game, of course, is creating drama. That means everyone on the show must block distractions and come into the room focused and prepared. And, ready to play and exaggerate.

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