How to Use Ringers To Add Character To Radio Shows

How to Use Ringers To Add Character To Radio Shows

by Tracy Johnson

This is a topic that will inspire a lot of mixed opinions, and probably some passionate disagreement. In the past, I’ve highly recommended using ringers as callers on the air.

Why? They sound better, you can control them more easily and you can count on them. These regular contributors can make a tremendous impact on how segments develop.

Some personalities refuse to perform any segment with voice actors or ringers. But a funny thing happens when we phrase it differently. Calling them regular contributors takes some of the stigma off the concept. So that is what we’ll do here.

What’s right for you? You have to decide. A manufactured bit or invented premise can be some of your most engaging content. And really, is this any different than a show that exaggerates a real-life experience for drama?

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Then again, Kevin And Bean were once taken off the air after faking a murder confession when the cops started trying to track down a killer that doesn’t exist. This is taking it too far. So what is the answer?

Ringers: Use Them Or Lose Them?

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