The Phone Isn’t Ringing. Should I Panic?

The Phone Isn’t Ringing. Should I Panic?

by Tracy Johnson

It’s easy to fall into the trap of judging impact by volume of phone calls. But more and more, I hear this complaint:

Hey, Tracy. The phones are dead. Nobody’s calling. What should I do?

It’s comforting to see a full bank of blinking lines. It’s instant assurance that the audience is there. Whew!

But you also know that a lot of phone calls (or emails, or Facebook posts, or text messages) isn’t a good indicator of show quality. If it were, you could just schedule a segment about a controversial topic like free health care each day and start cashing ratings bonus checks.

The phone isn’t ringing like it used to. What’s an air personality to do?

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This isn’t a problem for many multi-personality shows, but if you’re on by yourself, audience input can be a valuable co-host.

If you’re noticing a steady decline in audience response, it may mean nothing. Or it could be a problem. Here’s how to analyze the situation:

Reasons For Declining Phone Calls

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