It Was a Great Topic, But Listener Response: Crickets

It Was a Great Topic, But Listener Response: Crickets

by Tracy Johnson

How many times have you had a topic blow up on the air that you never expected to generate much response? Listener participation is great, but when you plan a show counting on them to play along, it sets you up for disappointment.

How often do you go into a show with all the confidence in the world that the phone will light up, and… crickets?

It happens all the time, and the reasons are a mystery to most of us. How can our well-prepared, emotionally charged content miss the mark?

And why does simple, meaningless, mindless content cause listeners to respond? To answer that question, understand why the audience bothers to respond in the first place.

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This can be especially frustrating for single person shows.

To remedy this situation, understand the motivation to play along.

What Causes Listener Participation?

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