Reacting to NOW

Reacting to NOW

by Tracy Johnson

You’ve probably noticed, but the world moves fast, and information is coming at light speed. In a world where your listeners have access to breaking news and instant updates before that next talk break comes on, reacting to now is more and more important.

When that big moment comes along, how you respond in the moment can be the difference between creating a moment your audience remembers for years, or being lost in the noise.

When the audience tunes in and you’re talking about yesterday’s story, you sound out-of-touch. Because everything that happens today is bigger, faster and more high-profile. And the story turns over in hours, if note minutes. It’s constantly changing.

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And it’s not just in those big news events, either. It’s the same in sports, celebrity news and politics (Thanks, Mr. Trump).

How can you keep up and compete, especially when so many personalities are voice-tracked or recorded in advance?

Reacting to Now: Just Do It

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