What 3 Things Does Your Personality Brand Stand For?

What 3 Things Does Your Personality Brand Stand For?

by Tracy Johnson

  • Every radio personality should know 3 things their personality brand stands for.
  • The 3 things are at the intersection of your audience persona and personality brand profile.
  • Once established, each piece of content should filter through at least one of the 3 things.

When an audience has a hard time figuring out what you’re for, you’re in trouble. Understanding how you fit into their lives is one of the key, fundamental things every personality and every radio station must address, and the sooner you identify it, the more effective you’ll be in carving out your place in their lives.

When working with clients, we usually ask ourselves, “What 3 things does your personality brand stand for?”

Until you can answer this question, your content may be terrific, but it still won’t get traction. It’s like being a general store that stocks everything but specializes in nothing. You may get some cume, but will have a hard time building a large fan base.

In our webinar Be an Audience Magnet, we show how to build an audience persona and throw down the challenge of developing a strategy to use the persona by inserting your personality brand.

The best way to do this is identifying three key things important to the audience persona, then directing everything through those characteristics as an entry point.

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3 Things Example #1

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