Rob the Ratings Bank: Know When to Tease! [audio]

Rob the Ratings Bank: Know When to Tease! [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

Many years ago, after the authorities finally caught up with notorious criminal Willie Sutton, they asked him why he robbed banks. His simple reply was, “Because that’s where they keep the money.” It’s a simple concept that broadcasters often miss. In radio, we have to know when to tease.

That’s how you rob the ratings bank.

In a competitive environment where consumers are presented more options, more distractions and have shorter attention spans, programmers have learned to adapt by focusing their attention on creating listening appointments.

The practice makes sense and has proven to be a winning strategy, particularly in markets measured electronically (PPM). If we can cause the audience one more tune-in occasion, we get another quarter hour and our time spent listening increases.

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Strategy of When To Tease

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