When You Hear This Tease, You’ll Beg For The Payoff [audio]

When You Hear This Tease, You’ll Beg For The Payoff [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

Ever hear one of those moments on the air that is so compelling you stay in your car to hear what happens next? That’s like the holy grail for personalities, isn’t it? When we can cause listeners to adjust their lives-even just a bit-we win! And you can do that by making them want to stay for the payoff.

It doesn’t take many of those moments to impact ratings in a significant way. In fact, every radio station can double their ratings simply by attracting one more tune in occasion per day, and adding one more day per week for each P1 that already likes your show. It’s explained in detail here and we offer a webinar on it here.

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The easiest way to gain that extra occasion is to lure those already tuned in to stay for just a few more minutes, or return a few minutes later. Success happens by seducing listeners with creative hooks that keep them through that next song, stop set or newscast.

That’s why I am puzzled when personalities waste opportunities when talking over song intros. This is a perfect time to get listeners to that next break.

Make Listeners Stay For The Payoff

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