How to Stack Multiple Teases In One Break [Audio]

How to Stack Multiple Teases In One Break [Audio]

by Tracy Johnson

The more reasons a listener has to remember to tune in your show, the better the chance they’ll be attracted to an additional tune in occasion or two. Seems logical, right? So if follows that if you stack teases in a break, you increase the chance of luring a listener to another quarter-hour. And, it only takes one more quarter-hour per day and one more day each week to double your ratings!

Since not everyone is attracted to the same content, it follows that more teases (assuming they’re well-written and enthusiastically delivered) are like a fisherman casting more lines in the water to catch more fish. There’s a balance, of course. Take this concept to the extreme and most of your show will be a non-stop promo fest, the way Entertainment Tonight used to sound.

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Stacking teases is a seldom-used tactic, perhaps because programmers have trained talent to be tight, bright, short and focused on one thought per break. Those are important and desirable goals, but shouldn’t be in place of driving more listening.

Multiple teases can be highly productive, and you can promote two or three separate upcoming events together by mastering some fairly simple techniques.

How To Stack Teases

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