How to Gamify Teases With The Multiple Choice Tease [audio]

How to Gamify Teases With The Multiple Choice Tease [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

Multiple choice was always the preference for testing in school, and it’s also great for teasing on the air. The multiple choice tease is a winner, if you make it a game for listeners. And, as you know, the audience loves to play games.

There’s a regular feature most major league baseball teams play. They ask the crowd to “guess the attendance”.

gues the attendance

The crowd doesn’t have a stake in the outcome. There’s no prize. And there’s really no pride in guessing it right. On the scoreboard they invite you to guess the attendance, with multiple choice options.

The game is kind of ridiculous. It’s nothing but a guess. But the crowd erupts in applause when the actual attendance is revealed. They get an ego boost when they guess the question correctly.

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Multiple Choice For Radio

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