Memorize And Repeat This Mantra For Success: Tease-Hook-Payoff-Repeat [audio]

Memorize And Repeat This Mantra For Success: Tease-Hook-Payoff-Repeat [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

Sometimes we make it way too difficult for listeners by thinking too much. In the process, our content gets complicated and the audience has a hard time staying with us. Or we spend too much time developing details and invest too little effort in finding the relatable essence of a topic. If you find that happening on your show, remember these four steps: Tease-hook-payoff-repeat.

It works for Jonny, Holly & Nira (and their terrific producer Amy), the highly successful morning show on CHR Virgin 94.5/Vancouver. A mildly interesting story came out about eclectic (and somewhat obscure) singer Erykah Badu’s mother being Ms. Jackson referenced in Outkast’s hit from 2000.

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Erykah is talented, and somewhat notorious, but when it comes to topicality, she’s not exactly Justin Bieber or Katy Perry. Still, the story was interesting to the show, and they turned it into strong entertainment and must-listen moments on the air by dramatizing the content.

Tease-Hook-Payoff-Repeat on Display

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