How to Unlock the Secret Power of the Horizontal Tease [audio]

How to Unlock the Secret Power of the Horizontal Tease [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

It’s hard to find a good horizontal tease anymore. Horizontal teases are the least-used type of tease on the radio. That’s a shame because the whole point of a tease is to coax listening from those tuned in right now. And those tuned in now are prime candidates to tune in tomorrow if you give them a good reason.

Horizontal teases showcase the next day’s content. The most common tactic is to promote it “at the same time” tomorrow. Some broadcasters disregard this type of tease. They assuming listeners are creatures of habit that tune in each day at the same time. Only part of that is true.

We are creatures of habit. We get up at the same time and leave work at the same time, but when choosing a radio station, habits are not routine.

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In reality, the average station’s P1 audience (those who listen to you more than any other) tune in 2.1-2.3 days per week. While they’re available to listen at the same time each day, their actual behavior is not as consistent as we’d like.

If you can get each listener to tune in one more day per week (increasing from 2 to 3 days), ratings would increase by 50%. By converting that tune-in to another quarter-hour per day, your ratings would double.
If that’s not enough incentive to become proficient in the art of horizontal teasing, I don’t know what would be.

Check out the math in this webinar on demand

That’s one reason strong daily features are so valuable to your show. It’s a reminder to tune in tomorrow at the exact time for _____________.

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Those locked-in features are easy to promote for the next day. That’s especially true if the content in that feature is planned in advance. But horizontal teasing goes much deeper.

The Art of a Horizontal Tease

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