How to Get Great Callers Without a Producer or Phone Screener

How to Get Great Callers Without a Producer or Phone Screener

by Tracy Johnson

Most radio shows make use of listeners on the air, if they can. And for good reason. Great callers can add personality to a show and act as another microphone to bring out more of your personality.

But it’s getting harder and harder to get calls.┬áThere are a variety of reasons, but one of the main problems is that most of us don’t talk on the phone as much as in the past. It’s easier to text or respond on social media.

And there’s another problem. Great callers are a terrific addition to a segment. But only if they’re great callers. Most of those calling in to try and get on the air aren’t great callers. And many of them end up on the air anyway because we’re so happy that someone (anyone) called. Or, a show doesn’t have time to properly prepare the caller. That’s usually because the phone screener position was eliminated (or never existed) long ago. And often, the producer was soon to follow.

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That’s a shame. And it’s not good for high profile personalities. But it’s a reality that has caused more than a few personalities to compromise the quality of callers that get on the air.

So what’s a radio show to do? Is it possible to screen calls effectively? Yes, it is, if you’re creative, know what you’re doing and use the tools available to you.

Get Great Callers

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