Show Prep: How To Organize, Edit and Manage Your Radio Show With Trello [video]

Show Prep: How To Organize, Edit and Manage Your Radio Show With Trello [video]

by Steve Holstein

Radio shows sound better when there’s a plan — a daily roadmap where everyone involved in the show knows what’s coming. That creates some logistical problems. It’s important to organize, edit and manage your show. And here’s a great way to do it using Trello. It can revolutionize your show prep technique.

Of course, there are many ways to plan your show: a paper legal pad, a Word file, Evernote, a Google doc, etc. What’s important is to have a plan that includes the entire team. When they can view and update it in real time, better ideas evolve.

A step by step guide on how to organize, edit and manage your radio show using Trello

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And since show prep and planning happens around the clock, finding a tool anyone can access at any time is important.

Trello as a Show Prep Tool

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