Are You Stuck? How to Forage for Ideas [audio]

Are You Stuck? How to Forage for Ideas [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

Content is everywhere. It’s all around, if we’re alert to it. All it takes is an awareness to forage for ideas in the most unlikely of places.

As you know from Turn Daily Life Into Daily Content (you have seen the webinar, right?), the best material comes from everyday life. Experiences  are an endless supply of possibilities that can’t be duplicated.

However, you have to nurture and curate those observations to turn them into ideas. And then into entertainment. That’s where the show prep process often falls apart for many personalities.

In his Comedy Master Class, Steve Martin teaches his students that “Material is everywhere”. He says,

If you witness an argument, now you know the shape of an argument in your head. This can come back out when you’re on stage…You’re constantly gathering information for something else. Asking yourself, “What’s it good for”? It also works backwards. If you happen to say something funny at the dinner table, you naturally ask yourself, “Hmmm…usable?”

Air personalities can relate. Everything that happens can turn into content, if you constantly forage for ideas. Literally everything. And it’s almost always the best content.

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