The One Thing That Can Make You #1

The One Thing That Can Make You #1

by Tracy Johnson

Most clients know how much value we place on focus and simplicity. We frequently recommend a philosophy based on The Power of One. In fact, there’s one thing that can make you #1.

How powerful is this one thing? Research proves that there really isn’t much difference in actual listening between the #10 and #1 shows in the market. They typically have almost identical TSL (time spent listening) per listening occasion.

Does this surprise you? It shouldn’t. The difference is in the frequency of listening occasions. The top stations have more reasons to tune in, and promote those occasions much more effectively.

In City Slickers, Curly and Mitch have a discussion that eventually sends Mitch (Billy Crystal) on a life-changing quest.

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The problem is that it’s hard to find tune in events that are worthy of attracting those occasions. So personalities and programmers constantly tweak and add, thinking that if we can just make it better, they’ll listen more. But they don’t. Because that content isn’t memorable enough.

In Content Superhero: What Causes Tune In, we show that features are more valuable than ever. They frame content to make it easily digested by listeners. This is critical, especially for a new or developing shows, or one that’s building a new audience base. A great feature can provide the tune-in factor that is the difference between #10 and #1.

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Finding Your One Thing

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