Consider This When Naming a Radio Show

Consider This When Naming a Radio Show

by Tracy Johnson

When naming a radio show, what goes into making the final selection? Will it be Zippy and Peppy in the Morning? The Dawn Patrol? The Breakfast Flakes? How about The Morning Zoo? Or simply The (Your Name Here) Show?

There are a million names for your morning show. Does the name of the show matter? Yes. Names are important, and getting the name of the show right can be critical. Spend some time coming up with the right name that fits the strategy of your show.

Naming a Radio Show No Generic Names

The argument to build a generically named show like “The Breakfast Bunch” allows a show to carry one when and if a personality leaves the show. You can plug-in a new character and, as long as it’s positioned well, the audience doesn’t miss a beat. That makes it easy for programmers.

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But these names aren’t memorable and they don’t add personality to the brand.

There probably isn’t just one simple answer to this question, but here are the considerations for naming your show:

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