This Is The Most Powerful Word in Radio

This Is The Most Powerful Word in Radio

by Tracy Johnson

Nobody likes it when someone talks down to them. They love it when they’re made to feel special. Listeners are real people. Well, most of them. So they love it when you respect them and make them the focus of your content. That’s not so hard to do when you use the most powerful word in radio.

How you say it makes all the difference in the world. But sometimes, air talent accidentally and unintentionally causes listeners to feel like an outsider.

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It happens by the words we choose. For example:

All of you out there
Hey everybody
You out there listening right now”
….for all my listeners
You guys
All you folks out in radio land” (Yeah, I heard this. And it was in the 21st Century, too).

When we treat the audience as a group, rather than talking to listeners one-to-one, we lose power to persuade. Because it’s no longer personal. It’s almost like we’re talking down to them.

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