6 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Rid of On-Air Crutches

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Rid of On-Air Crutches

by Tracy Johnson

Okay, so this is, like, an article about, ah, all those, um, bad, uh, habits or on-air crutches that Dj’s pick up, you know. Know what I mean? Fix these things and, like, you can be super-better at your, um, job and stuff. You know? Whatever.

All air personalities develop crutches. It may be repeating certain phrases (‘How you doin’ on a Thursday?”), running thoughts and sentences together or even just saying, “uh or um” all the time. Inserting these “filler” words into conversation slows the pace and gets in the way of communication.

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Those little fillers happen when searching for the right word or waiting for our mouth to catch up with our thoughts. Soon they become ingrained and we don’t even hear ourselves using them, but it’s a barrier for your listener. In fact, at times she may hear nothing else.

On-air Crutches: Everyone Has Them

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