Lead Listeners Through Segments By Dropping Audio Bread Crumbs [audio]

Lead Listeners Through Segments By Dropping Audio Bread Crumbs [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

One of the most powerful techniques of building higher ratings is creating audio bread crumbs that entice listeners to stay through break after break.
That’s one of the key findings in Content Superhero: What Causes Tune In.
When air personalities build multiple layers of content in a break, listeners reward them with longer time spent listening.
And, if they do it in a way that allows listeners to get to know the characters, the audience begins to fall in love with the show.

In fact, getting the audience to another break should be the #1 goal of every segment.

That doesn’t mean the show should be a constant string of teases and promos with no content, of course. It means that there should be a series of related elements that cause existing listeners to crave more.

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