An Unexpected, Powerful Moment Shows How to Tug at the Heart [audio]

An Unexpected, Powerful Moment Shows How to Tug at the Heart [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

When a personality can tug at the heart, listeners will never forget. This is a key part of the big-picture recipe for strong air personality brands.

Christmas is an obvious (and effective) time to make emotional connections with the audience. This is especially strong if the stories you tell are local, personal and targeted.

At K104/Dallas (Hip Hop/R&B), DeDe in the Morning (featuring co-hosts Lady Jade & Michael Shawn) locked in on a key audience segment for the station: single moms. There are many in this category that struggle with their bills, and have no way to pay for presents for their children.

The station tapped into this need by soliciting stories, and granting wishes. With a budget of $20,000, they  partnered with a sponsor (a law firm) to give away $500 shopping sprees to Toys R Us. In all, they can give away 40 prizes, which means 40 great stories on the air.

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DeDe In The Morning: Tug At The Heart

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