Resources for creating great opening lines

It’s more important to deliver great hooks than great content.

Really? How can you say that?

If the hook isn’t strong, nobody’s there to hear your story.

But if you capture their attention and imagination, they’ll listen. And you’ll get credit for the break.

So what makes a great hook? How can you improve your opening line so you have a chance to win the break?

It’s all about the hook…that first 7 seconds when you have a chance to captivate your audience, or lose them to a competitor. That’s what we mean by the 7-Second Challenge.

Turning on the microphone is risky because anyone tuning in at that time is enjoying what’s on. If they weren’t they’d have already tuned out. That makes it scary.

Those first critical seconds must grab the audience’s attention and lead them into your content. And I’ll show you how to do it.


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Nira Aurora

Nira Aurora
Air Personality, Virgin Radio

Tracy has a way of helping shows create an amazing dynamic by understanding every player on the team and highlighting each other. He has brought out the best in us by helping us be more playful, vulnerable and self-deprecating.

Sarah BeeBe

Sarah BeeBe
Air Personality, Z90
San Diego

Tracy is the most knowledgeable, insightful & inspiring person I’ve ever worked with. Every time I meet with Tracy, I'm left feeling inspired & challenged to step up my game... and it's just an added bonus that he's totally fun to work with :)

Stu Schwartz

Stu Schwartz
Morning Personality, Majic 100
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tracy has forced this old dog to learn new tricks but I’m a better broadcaster because of it. Before he arrived I had no appetite for another “consultant” but Tracy changed the way I approach every show.