Add Structure To Your Show With Carefully Selected Feature Content

Features are important for most radio shows, provided the features are well chosen, executed and curated.

Just one great feature has the power to establish a new show. It gives the audience a reason to tune in at a specific time and provides structure and anticipation.

In such a competitive entertainment environment, features become more important than ever. Use the resources on this page to gain insight on how to choose, manage and enhance features.


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The power of The One Thing is explained in this book by Gary Keller.

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results,

Jesse James

Jesse James
Air Personality, Big 98.7 KLTA
Fargo, ND

I really liked the eBook Winning Features & How to Use Them! Great insight! I use features hourly and daily and some of these I hadn't heard before! Thanks!

Holly Conway

Holly Conway
Morning Personality, Virgin Radio

Tracy has helped me become a better on air personality so much (including some tough love when needed) and is a huge part of making our show what it is today. For that I am forever grateful!

Roger Ashby

Roger Ashby
Morning Personality, CHUM FM

Unlike other consultants we've been involved with over the years, I always look forward to Tracy's visits.‎ The insights into the nuances of broadcasting were invaluable to me.