Many aspiring influencers (personalities, social media wannabes, podcasters, video streamers) launch their radio show or podcast, then try to figure out who they are after the launch. After a product is released, they wait to see how things shake out. The media world is crowded, and you need rocket fuel to blast off!

That’s a waste of time, money, and resources, and it often takes much longer to establish a presence. The best approach is to identify the unique traits that can cause your brand to succeed immediately.

Your character voice is rocket fuel for your brand, so instead of playing catch-up, streamline things from the start.

Rocket Fuel For Your Brand

It’s easy to understand why it happens, but what can you do? First, know why it’s important:

  • Attracting and retaining a dedicated audience is only possible if the audience can figure out who the character is and what they stand for. That responsibility is on you, the performer. Don’t expect the audience to work that hard to figure it out independently.
  • Consistently demonstrating unique character traits forms perceptions, which allows the audience to get to know you.
  • And most importantly, managing the traits you want to be known for is the key to building a brand.

Don’t leave the crafting of your character brand to happenstance. As should your character brand, a diamond is cut and polished to capture the light perfectly. But how do you forge this diamond and use it as rocket fuel to enhance your career?

4 Strategies to Add Rocket Fuel To Your Brand

Here are four keys to crafting your unique personality brand:

Define Your Character. Do It Now. The ideal time to build a character profile is before you turn on a microphone, but if you’ve already launched, don’t worry. It’s always possible to restart the process. Establish your core values and unique selling points that will form the bedrock of your public persona based on your real-life personality. When you get this right, everything else starts to align naturally. You’ll find unique angles on topics instead of just presenting information and stories. What a game-changer!

Recruit Family, Friends, and Colleagues. External perspectives are invaluable insights when crafting your character brand. In the 5-Star Character Brand Course, I walk you through the process of self-assessment combined with using the perspective of those close to you. An outside perspective can reveal traits that add even more rocket fuel for your brand.

Understand Your Audience: Your performance doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s not for you. It’s for the audience, so knowing the audience should be a harmonious marriage between who you are and who your audience is. An accurate reflection of your values and style is crucial, but its impact will be muted if it doesn’t resonate. Success happens at the intersection of your character voice and the audience’s interests.

Develop Your Character Voice: When you define your character brand, your performance changes. You’ll know when to be witty or serious. Should you take on a refined or relaxed tone? Is it more appropriate to be retro or trendy? Your unique character brand profile will inform these decisions.

How To Fill Up With Rocket Fuel

Does this sound intimidating or confusing? There’s help. I’ve just launched an all-new “Build a 5-Star Character Brand” course. Designed to help content creators like you create a memorable brand, you will discover or re-discover your voice.

This step-by-step guide takes you through the entire brand-building process, just as my team has used to develop hundreds of successful personalities, podcasters, video streamers, and public speakers.

Is this what you need to establish a character that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impact?

Whether a novice or a seasoned broadcaster, this course offers valuable insights and tools. You get templates and detailed resources to add that missing rocket fuel that will get you going.

The 7-lesson course is available now for only $24.95 through June 30. But don’t wait. The price increases to $99.99 on July 1. Even if you don’t have time for it now, get the course and complete your character brand profile at your convenience over the summer.

For details and to watch the first lesson for free, visit the website:




Identifying your character voice to build a brand should be a priority for everyone creating content. This step could be the rocket fuel that unlocks the potential inside of you that is trying to get out!

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