Who Wants This Prime Morning Show Host Gig?

Who Wants This Prime Morning Show Host Gig?

by Tracy Johnson

Businesses are reopening and expanding, which is great news for job-seekers. There hasn’t been an avalanche of personality radio openings yet, but there are a couple I know of. And this one is very interesting. A prime morning show host gig is about to become available in a Top 10 market.

I’m helping my client find candidates for this position. Maybe it’s you or someone you know. Or a competitor you’d like to get out of your market.

About This Prime Morning Show Host Gig

The station is part of a cluster in a top 10 market. The company has a great reputation and the management and support team is terrific.

We are committed to building a great morning show that leads the station and becomes a high-performing, market-leading brand.

The music format targets adults and has a rhythmic lean.

We need a host that can be the leader of a multi-cast personality-based show.

About The Host

Here are some of the qualities that are important for this position:

Experience. This is not an entry-level gig. The host must be battle-tested and understand how PPM ratings work. There’s no minimum experience required, but it’s unlikely the best candidate will be a rookie.

Skills. He or she will have as many of the primary skills and attributes of a great radio host as we can find, as defined in the guidelines here. If you’ve never been a true host before, don’t apply.

Execution. The person for this position will understand the importance of consistent excellence in execution. The host will lead the show, but understand how to set up partners and cohosts for success.

Show Prep. Our new host will set a standard internally for show prep and lead the team to ensure each break is well-planned. Yes, there is a full-time producer, but the host will be responsible to lead the team’s prep process.

Integration. There are a few solid, popular features in place. They are well-established and research well. We need someone who will embrace these strong elements while exploring new opportunities for the show’s future.

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Technical. Strong board op skills are a plus, though not the primary requirement.

Does this sound interesting? I’m screening all candidates for this future opening. Follow the steps at the end of this article for details on how to proceed.

Are You Prepared To Get This Gig?

This position will be in high demand, so now would be a great time to update and upgrade your presentation. The job market for prime gigs is loaded with qualified talent.

So how can you stand out? Here are a couple of things that will make an impact with decision-makers:

A Cover Letter: Another program director I work with is currently looking to fill a position. In the first few days, he had more than 60 responses from job seekers. I asked how he would narrow the candidates. He said the first step was to eliminate all candidates that included no cover letter or a weak cover letter that wasn’t customized for this position. Yikes. Are you missing an opportunity by sending a standard, non-specific package? Maybe.

The Right Audio: Many personalities are quickly eliminated from consideration by sending too much or too little audio in the initial contact. Sending too little is suspicious and too much can be counter-productive. Follow these guidelines to create an audio sample that will have the best chances of making the shortlist.

Do Your Homework: Use every piece of information available to research the gig. Then demonstrate why and how you are a great fit. Yes, I know the job I wrote about here is not specific enough for a thorough pitch. The point is, show that you want this gig, not just a gig.


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There’s also a downloadable eBook called Get That Gig. And a seminar on demand that helps personalities know what management is looking for and how to get their attention.

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And there are more links below to help personalities (and programmers) market themselves more effectively.


This is a prime morning show host gig with a great company and support team. Are you looking for your next opportunity?

Then do this:

  1. Update your materials and presentation. Make it great. Follow the guidelines in the links on this page.
  2. Get a free listing on my Radio Talent Pool site. That will be the HQ for candidates.
  3. Send an email to [email protected] to let me know of your interest.

I’ll collect candidates for several weeks and will be in touch as the opportunity develops.


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