You have a strong personality brand when nobody else can perform the content you present. And that starts with identifying what makes you truly unique.

Brian Michel, PD of KYGO/Denver, said this on a recent call:

Luke Bryan is the only singer that can get away with his songs.

That’s a brilliant observation. That’s the measure of a strong personality brand. You’ve probably experienced this in your personal life:

  • Dad can say something that your brother can’t.
  • A comment is one thing coming from a boss, but entirely different if said by a coworker.
  • Advice from a favorite mentor is received differently than if the same words are said by a peer.

Personalities often get complaints about things that are “not nearly as offensive as what you hear on other shows or on TV” but there are several reasons listeners love some personalities and scorn others.

What Makes Your Show Truly Unique

There are at least three reasons Luke Bryan is the only person that can get away with singing his songs.

  1. Relationship: The better you know someone, the more acceptable their behavior. As listeners get to know you, expectations change. Comments that were once abrasive often become anticipated and even part of the unique appeal.
  2. The Attitude: Great personalities know who they are and own it. They perform within a character profile with boldness and confidence.
  3. Consistency: Be careful when stepping outside of existing expectations or introducing a new layer of personality. It’s good to stretch, but introduce new character traits the way you would train for a marathon: a little at a time.


It’s more important to be truly unique than just being better than a competitor. Most listeners can’t distinguish the difference between a moderately great show and a very good one. It’s highly subjective. But they can tell when personalities stand out as different than anything else they hear.

The path to success starts with identifying what makes you stand out from all other personalities.

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