Here’s How The Audience Hears The Way You Promote [audio]

Here’s How The Audience Hears The Way You Promote [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

Listen to the way you promote. Is it tight, clear and concise? Is it descriptive?

Of course it is, you say. But you say that because you hear it over and over. You’re performing it so many times you have it memorized.

Now listen again, through the ears of a typical consumer.

It’ll shock you. In fact, when you break it down and think about it logically, you’ll realize how ridiculous your social media promotion messages really are. These folks are in their car or at their desk focusing on something else. You’re on in the background, just along for the ride.

Then the air personality comes on and disrupts the environment, which they had been perfectly content with.

The Way You Promote, According to Your Audience

Peppy & Zippy are imaginary personalities on an imaginary station, but they are based on real-life air personalities on real shows at real stations in real markets. And the content in this promo is also real.

Obviously this an exaggeration to prove a point, but at many stations, it’s not so far off from reality. Lots of promos are loud, busy and delivered from the station’s perspective, not the listener’s benefit. Is this the way you promote?

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There are a lot of Peppy & Zippy’s on the air, rambling through mind-numbing instructions or shouting at listeners about the greatest content. They bark orders to follow us, like us and engage with us. But never really tell us why.

Fix Your Promotion With Focus

One of the problems with Peppy & Zippy is they think they have to do everything. It’s more, more, more. They have a presence on every social media platform available. But they don’t update any of them, because it takes too long and they think listeners should be excited to provide the content. The thing is, listeners have no reason to engage because they can’t find any of the Peppy & Zippy’s sites. Here’s why:

The audience may be listening but nobody hears the invitation. There are too many instructions. It moves too fast. They never provide a specific reason to engage.

Is it any wonder listeners think we sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher?


Are you a Peppy & Zippy personality?

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