You’re probably tired of Zoom meetings by now, but there are some great applications for it on shows. It’s easy to use and inexpensive. But if you have to pay for it out of your pocket, there are enough ways to use Zoom to make it worth the cost.

One of the most valuable is for yes and interviews. You get better audio quality than over the phone. Plus, it creates a more intimate conversation with guests. Eye contact, even if on a video screen, makes a huge difference. There’s a much better chance of getting the guest to open up. It’s really the next best thing to being there in person.

Even local interviews can be better on Zoom. It’s much easier for the guest than finding time to come to the station and you can schedule the call to be recorded when it’s convenient for both parties. For more on conducting local interviews, follow these tips and guidelines

It’s even better for interviews with advertisers and public service organizations that you really don’t want to put on the air, Zoom keeps them out of the studio so you can control the length of the break, and edit it most effectively.

More Creative Ways To Use Zoom

Here are some more benefits of the service:

  • Each session is automatically recorded, resulting in a high-quality video perfect for repurposing online and on social media. Videos get far more engagement on social media than audio clips.
  • Set up a camera on each personality (about $79 each) and record each show on Zoom, with a direct feed from the audio chain. Then edit the show’s video into segments to post and share. Presto! You have a video show. In metered markets, be sure to get the encoded audio so you get ratings credit for on-demand listening. Note: Be sure lighting is adequate so each personality looks good (also inexpensive). And it’s a good idea to invest in a green screen so you can control the background visual.

Here are more ways to use Zoom on a radio show, with more details on interviews in my two-minute drill.

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