Use Your Mistakes To Create Magical, Memorable Moments

Use Your Mistakes To Create Magical, Memorable Moments

by Tracy Johnson

In Improv, the primary rule is to always move the story forward. But it’s not always perfect. That’s why you need to learn to use your mistakes.

The break can never goes backward, even if the story changes before one of the performers can deliver a great punchline or idea. Once the moment passes, it’s gone.

Improv actors are trained to work with what they have. Every time a new element is introduced, the current scenario becomes the new reality.

When an inexperienced actor makes a mistake, the rest of the troupe must carry on and move the scene forward, even if it takes them in a direction they hadn’t anticipated.

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In any form of live entert­ainmen­t, something is going to go wrong. Mistakes will be made. Your response can be one of three things:

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How To Use Your Mistakes

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