Show Prep: How To Organize, Edit and Manage Your Radio Show With Trello [video]

Show Prep: How To Organize, Edit and Manage Your Radio Show With Trello [video]

by Steve Holstein

Radio shows sound better when there’s a plan — a daily roadmap where everyone involved in the show knows what’s coming. That creates some logistical problems. It’s important to organize, edit and manage your show. And here’s a great way to do it using Trello. It can revolutionize your show prep technique.

Of course, there are many ways to plan your show: a paper legal pad, a Word file, Evernote, a Google doc, etc. What’s important is to have a plan that includes the entire team. When they can view and update it in real time, better ideas evolve.

And since show prep and planning happens around the clock, finding a tool anyone can access at any time is important.

That’s where Trello comes in.

How Trello Works For Radio


My show began experimenting with Trello and right away we knew this project and task management app was just what we needed. With Trello we can view and update upcoming shows from any device — even a smartphone.

In this video you’ll learn the basics of setting up and creating radio show prep clocks using Trello.

Trello takes a day or two to get rolling, but you can see how flexible it is. It’s not only a time-saver, you’ll find that it allows your team

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Author: Steve Holstein

Steve Holstein publishes award-winning radio show prep at Interprep and offers a free prep sheet that is emailed five days a week. Get on the list at

Steve also co-hosts a morning show in Champaign, Illinois.

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