Hey, have you heard about the world’s most famous pop star dating the NFL’s best tight end on the team playing in the Super Bowl? Of course, you have. It’s everywhere, and all your friends are ranting about it in one form or another. Yet many radio shows seem to take pride in avoiding talking about trending topics. It’s mind-boggling.

Our Andy Meadows wrote a great article analyzing the reasons (excuses) broadcasters use to ignore talking about Travis and Taylor. Or is it Taylor and Travis? Traylor? Whatever.

Here’s a summary of the reasons Andy lists for avoiding one of the most talked-about stories in the world:

Format: We’re not a sports talk station, so we don’t talk about sports. (And your audience isn’t attending a Super Bowl party?).

Music: We don’t even play Taylor Swift’s music. It doesn’t fit our format. (And your audience doesn’t care?).

Demographics: Young people are talking about that, but our demo is older. They don’t care about this couple. (Really? And you wonder why radio has a problem with aging audiences).

The Home Team: Nobody here cares that much about the Super Bowl unless (our team name here) is in it. (Right. By the way, this isn’t about the Super Bowl).

Over-Saturation: Everybody’s talking about it. Listeners are tired of it. (No, they’re not. You’re just bored with it and making excuses…or you don’t know what to do with it).

Read Andy’s article here.

Talking About Trending Topics

There’s a difference between being relatable and relevant, and if you can only be one or the other, be relatable. But why focus so much on being relatable at the expense of being relevant? You can be both, but that takes effort.

The bottom line is that if you’re not talking about things your audience is interested in, you’re missing an opportunity, and it’s a bit irresponsible.

This creative challenge is more difficult than generating original content from a generic topic, list, or survey because it’s not about reporting on what is happening or communicating the latest developments in Traylor’s relationship. This is about finding emotional connections in a way only you can.

As Andy points out in his article:

Winning personalities instead develop their own unique angle to approach that big topic from to create content only they can do that targets their specific audience.


You can do this with a collaborative effort in the show prep process, but if you want some help, Radio Content Pro’s new service includes amazing shortcuts using the power of AI to inspire your creativity. It really is the perfect tool to help you find new ways of talking about trending topics.

Here are some examples of topics from RCP from Taylor/Travis stories in the last few days:

Topic: If you were playing in the Super Bowl and could choose any artist to be your Taylor Swift who cheers you on from the stands during a big moment, who would it be and why?

Topic: Taylor is flying back from a concert in Japan to see the game in Vegas. Who has gone to the greatest extreme for their partner?

Superstition: Who’s giving Taylor more credit for the Chiefs winning than she deserves? Will celebrity appearances at games become the next superstitious strategy for team victories?

Valentine’s Day: She is a billionaire pop star. Next week is their first Valentine’s Day. What should Travis get the girl who either has or can easily afford everything?

Online Poll:  Should TV broadcasts focus more on the game and less on celebrity fans in attendance? Give us a “That’s A Hit” or a ‘Shake It Off’.

Trump: Donald has announced he is more popular than Taylor, and the Trump campaign is rolling out Kid Rock to combat Taylor’s support of Joe Biden. Really? Pick a catchphrase from a Kid Rock song or a Taylor song. What could make the perfect political slogan?

This is a small sample of the ideas that could be harvested.


Don’t get bored talking about trending topics. Find a way to inspire your creative process by putting your personality in the path of the topic (source) and the audience’s interest. It would be a stretch to claim that your success depends on it, but your path to a winning show will be much easier if you find ways to be both relevant and relatable.


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