One of the most frustrating feelings in the human experience is being stuck in traffic, especially when it is unexpected. You’re staring at tail lights ahead, angrily pounding the steering wheel because you have places to be and things to do. You’re not moving at all, but the lanes on both sides are inching forward while you remain stuck. You think, “I have to get into another lane.” When you do, the previous lane starts to move, and the new one grinds to a halt.

Being stuck in traffic is like a bad dream. It’s as if the universe decided to play a practical joke on you. In many ways, this scenario is a metaphor for life, especially for radio personalities and aspiring podcasters trying to stand out in a crowded world where everyone competes for attention from consumers with limited attention.

Are You Stuck In Traffic? It’s Time To Start Moving

You’re not alone. This frustrating feeling is happening in many industries.

Here’s a little secret that has shaken virtually every industry, from technology to culinary arts. What is the common ingredient in the success of a mega-brand like Apple, a company that changes the world like Tesla, or the rise of a star chef like Gordon Ramsay?

Applying creative innovation to solve real consumer problems in your unique voice is the solution. That’s a complicated statement.

  • Start by identifying opportunities. Nobody cares about something they don’t need. What void can you fill that the audience can’t get anywhere else?
  • Then innovate. Apple changed how we listen to music and communicate. Tesla is changing how we drive with amazing, affordable electric vehicles. Your solution is out there,
  • This is the most important part: Use your gifts in a way nobody else can. Gordon Ramsay helps restaurant owners succeed by eliminating dead weight on the menu so the chef can focus on their specialties.

Do It As Only You Can

There’s one more key to escaping career gridlock and moving forward. This is the one that takes courage, conviction, and confidence. You have to do it in a way that nobody else can.

Analyze the most innovative brands and difference-making innovators. You will likely discover a committed character voice with conviction. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Walt Disney, Gordon Ramsay, John and Paul, and you share a common challenge: How to stand out and get noticed.

It’s impossible to escape a traffic jam by going faster. Getting upset, frustrated, and angry doesn’t clear your path. Wishing and hoping for the freeway parking lot to clear won’t make it happen.

The solution may be to find another route that gets you moving again. Make your own path. But how?

Find Your Voice

Like the ever-crawling lanes beside you, the media industry constantly moves. If you’re not innovating and growing, you might as well be in reverse. The reality is that you are always moving forward or falling behind.

As a content creator in the radio or podcasting world, being stuck in traffic and looking for a clear path to power your career out of this stuck-in-traffic nightmare? Would you like to become an innovative creator that gets you moving again?

I have a solution. It starts with discovering the power of your unique, individual character voice.

My new course has transformed hundreds of content creators into difference-making personalities. Recently, I helped a personality that is leaving his “stuck in traffic” personality to launch a new show on multiple stations with a live video (YouTube and Twitch) presence and innovative podcast strategy. He had a vision for what he wanted and an idea for a consumer problem. The only thing missing was how to insert himself into the solution. He needed to find his character voice. After finishing the online 5-Star Character Brand course, we put the finishing touches on his character brand profile. Almost immediately, his vision became clear and amazing ideas started to flow. He is no longer stuck in traffic. He has found his way out of the traffic jam.


You’re only one breakthrough away from finding your voice and breaking out of your gridlock. My course can help you transform your show, launch a podcast, or fix a video stream and get into the fast lane.

The Build Your 5-Star Character Brand course is designed to help you discover your voice and develop a public character brand based on your real-life personality. At the end of the course, you’ll have a clear character profile with a plan for building your celebrity brand.  It’s open now and available to content creators like you for a small investment of $99. Your career is worth $100. The course takes as little as two weeks to complete. Get details here and watch the first lesson for free.

Start now. Isn’t it time to start moving forward?


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