7 Immediate Steps to Take Your Social Media Presence Seriously

7 Immediate Steps to Take Your Social Media Presence Seriously

by Tracy Johnson

Raise your right hand and repeat after me: “I will take my social media presence seriously. Beginning now. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a part of my identity. My brand. My future.” Good! Now, let’s get started and take 7 immediate steps!

It’s always a great time to evaluate what you’re doing on social media. This is an exhaustive list that guarantees success, but it will point you in the right direction.

Take Social Media Presence Seriously #1: Focus On Relationships

It’s great that you have tens of thousands of followers on Facebook or Instagram. How many are paying attention to your content?

If you only have a couple dozen fans, you probably need to focus a bit on building that fanbase, but don’t worry so much about how many, and care more about building relationships and a community with the fans you have.

As you build your content strategy, think of others first. If most of your content is about you or what’s happening on your show/station, your audience is going to lose interest. Explore posts of more general interest to your audience with your perspective and point of view on display. And ask a question to start a conversation.

A funny thing happens when you build deeper relationships: Those friends talk bout you more, share with their networks, and your fan base grows.

#2: Post Quality Content

It seems that personalties are expected to make a minimum number of posts, tweets or blog entries to satisfy management. That has led to a ton of useless content published. And it’s killing your good content.

When you make a Facebook post that few are interested in (no one clicks on it or likes/comments/shares), Facebook will show your next posts to fewer people. You posted something that no one cared about, so they assume next time no one will care either. It’s far better to NOT post than to post something no one responds to.

Perhaps even worse, your audience starts to learn to ignore you.

Now this is not to suggest that you should reduce the number of posts. Just put more thought and effort into making sure that each entry is worthwhile. Just take a moment and before every post, ask yourself:

Would I think this is interesting or entertaining if I saw it in my news feed?

While you’re going to commit to quality content, you also need to set a schedule for creating content. Then follow it. Make it a habit. If you can’t come up with a strong post two or three times per day, set your schedule to one time per day. Put it on your calendar.

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If you post only when you feel like it, you’ll end up posting 30 times one week and three times the next. Maintain consistency.

#3: Study The Metrics

Each social platform has tools to study what works and what doesn’t. Use it. Learn to analyze the data and understand what all those numbers actually mean.

On Facebook, if you have no idea what Facebook Insights data is, it’s time to get acquainted. This data is what tells you how many people actually saw each post, how many clicked on them, and how many people liked/shared/commented on them.

But also understand what you’re looking at. one client was so proud that their video had reached more than 50,000 people. But when we realized the video was an auto-play, we looked into the metrics and found that almost all of them stopped the video within the first 5 seconds. Big numbers don’t equal high engagement. That video was essentially a waste of time.

Understanding the metrics will help you improve your reach if you use this data regularly.

Each social platform is a little different, but it’s pretty easy to find the information. On Facebook, be sure you are logged in as an administrator. Just Insights at the top of the page. Your posts will be displayed at the bottom with the corresponding data.

#4: Promote Your Posts

Have a great post? Promote it! Facebook makes it easy through Boosted Posts. You can do it from the Insights page. Yes, there’s a small cost, but it’s a very efficient form of advertising and marketing.

But there are other ways of promoting that content that just take a little thought and time. Re-publish the same content. Social media moves fast, especially Twitter. The shelf life of an average tweet is about 10 minutes. One tweet will reach a very small percentage of your followers.

This can be particularly effective if you have a great piece of content from your show. Turn it into a video and post it! That will spread!

Take Social Media Presence Seriously #5: Lead the Audience To Your Website

Social media is a great way to reach a current and potential audience, but your strategy should include a plan to lead them to assets you control. For instance, your website, blog or podcast.

Look at it as a legitimate way to build a loyal two-way relationship with your audience, but you don’t own that relationship. The platform does. How can you attract them to your database and a more direct one-to-one connection?

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#6: Avoid The Temptation of Turning Social Media Into a Revenue Source

There are strategies that can generate revenue, but it’s a sensitive an delicate balance. Once you reach a certain level of social influence, advertisers may want to leverage that audience for their benefit. But man, those obvious posts to pimp the tire store or a remote broadcast on Saturday are a sure way to kill the good feelings you’re trying to establish.

Facebook pages do not often produce meaningful direct revenue. They’re not supposed to. Looking for direct results will usually produce bitterness. There are plenty of ways to create digital revenue, using a social media audience to feed those sources. But it doesn’t rarely happens on the social platform.

#7: Pick Two Platforms and Master Them

It’s hard enough to find the time to keep up with your Facebook page when it’s just one of six platforms you’re trying to manage. Nobody has time to be great on all of them, and you don’t need to. Specialize. It’s fine to have an account on every social platform, but pick two and focus on them. Facebook should be one. The other should be the one your audience is most active on.


Having a strong social media presence is difficult, and gets more challenging every day. After all, you’re not the only one competing for attention!

It’s impossible to build an audience that converts into fans-real fans, not click fans-without investing some time and thought into it.

What is working for you? What have you found useful in exciting your audience?

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