Most everyone hates Mondays. There’s even a Boomtown Rats song that celebrates how much we despise Monday mornings.  It’s tough for listeners and for radio personalities.  It’s just different. Some just accept that their show sucks on Monday. But that’s giving up. Don’t do that.

There are three reasons your show sucks on Monday.

Monday is Different: Weekends are more fun. Monday is a reintroduction to the routine. For two days, listeners have been in relaxed weekend mode. Now it’s time to crank it up. They’re moving a little slower and are a little cranky. Then when they finally get in gear, it’s frantic.

You Are Different: Morning personalities have been off for three days. One of the advantages of a morning show is that virtually every weekend is a three-day weekend, from 10 am on Friday through Sunday night. It’s hard to transition to a different mindset. Sleep patterns change and even if rested, chances are there’s a weekend hangover.

Physical Differences: Studies show that most everyone is physically different on Mondays. We tire more quickly.  Psychologically, we are less optimistic. It’s called Monday Morning Blues or Blahs. This is a natural, and very real, condition. And it’s a key reason listeners need their favorite personalities even more on Monday morning.

How To Fix Monday Morning

So what is the solution? Do we just accept it? Of course not. If the show sucks on Monday, dig in and find the sparkle.

Here’s how to make it sizzle:

Show Prep: It’s always a good idea to plan a show in advance. It’s tempting to rush out the door after Friday’s last break, but spend a few minutes getting a head start on Monday. This is one reason my Personality Magnet Show Prep service releases the next week’s content each Thursday.

Start Earlier: Since Monday is a grind, make it a policy to get to the studio earlier than usual. Just 15-30 minutes can make a huge difference. This helps multicast shows reconnect, plan content, and get the cobwebs out before turning on the mic. It also helps to play warm-up games. It may seem silly, but it’s amazing how quickly it helps pump up the energy.

Plan For No Listener Interaction:  Since the audience is dragging, they’re less likely to participate. Getting upset won’t help and begging for phone calls sounds horrible and desperate. Prepare as if nobody will call. Phone calls are terrific, but planning for the audience to provide entertainment value is lazy.

Prepare Psychologically: Success in all things is a product of attitude. Mondays happen and nothing will stop them. Get ready psychologically to start the week full of enthusiasm. Figure out how to look forward to a new week of exciting opportunities. Change your mood and Monday will follow.


Monday will never be fun. That’s why it takes a little more effort. Otherwise, the show sucks on Monday. Prepare and plan for it, knowing it’s the most difficult day of the week.

Oh, and this goes double for Tuesdays following a long weekend!

And triple for the first day back after the Christmas holidays!


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