Putting Show Prep In Perspective

Putting Show Prep In Perspective

by Tracy Johnson

Are you one of those (many) personalities that take show prep for granted? Maybe this will help put show prep in perspective.

Imagine that you’ve been invited to deliver a message to a jam-packed stadium, just before the start of a big event.

You can say anything you want. There’s no time limit.

Of course, you want to make an impression. To leave your mark on the audience. It’s an opportunity to make them remember you.

You feel the pressure.

How would you prepare? Would you plan it? How much would you rehearse? I’d imagine you visualize the moment you take the stage for that big moment?

Or would you just wing it? Would you count on your personality, charm and ability to be “in the moment” to carry you through? ‘

Most personalities agree they would think it through, carefully crafting words and phrases to get it just right.

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And, what would you talk about? Yourself? What was happening backstage? What you watched on TV last night? Or would you make a connection with the crowd based on the event they’re attending and their interests?

And how long would you plan for the duration of your message? Do you need 13 minutes? 5 minutes? 3 minutes? Or would you make a conscious effort to keep it brief, focused and meaningful, realizing that impact has nothing to do with length of performance?

What Does This Have To Do With Show Prep?

For many personalities, every time you tune on the microphone-every single time-you have an opportunity to influence more people at one time than a stadium full of listeners.

Even that first break of the day at 5:35am, when you’re just getting warmed up.

There are more people listening than would be packed into that arena.

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Think about that as you prepare tomorrow’s show.

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