A top-performing team show was frustrated because it didn’t have time to properly prepare content that stood out to its audience. After all, they rushed to talk about stories as they happened. Post-show brainstorming sessions “don’t work” because they need those ideas before the show that day. But hold on! Unless you’re in the business of breaking news (and most shows aren’t), developing better content makes it more relatable tomorrow.

The news cycle moves faster than ever, but the conversation cycle allows creative time. Talking about today’s hot topic tomorrow (or the next day) is more relatable because more listeners will be familiar with it. The key, of course, is to brainstorm unique ideas with a perspective only you can deliver.

It’s More Relatable Tomorrow

For example, last weekend the Hawk Tuah video was an online sensation. The story was going viral. It had captured the public’s imagination and attention, yet a male-targeted rock show I work with didn’t mention it at all on Monday morning. Their reasoning:

We talked about it on Friday and didn’t want to be redundant.

They missed the moment. Another show stumbled through the story about Elon Musk fathering his 12th child. We brainstormed some great ideas, but they said it was too late to use them on Tuesday. Really? Musk was (and still is) a father of 12 kids.

Relevant vs. Relatable

Many shows confuse the terms relevant and relatable. Relevant is talking about top-of-mind things the audience cares about. Relatable is doing it in a way that stands out and makes them feel something. Ideally, be both, but being relatable is more important.

Chasing the news cycle and discarding topics because you think they’re outdated causes shows to miss valuable opportunities to develop deeper content from relevant topics. You

Don’t worry. The topic isn’t worn out the next day. Of course, you won’t cover it in a newscast or entertainment update, but here are several ways to relate to it:

Caller: “Hey, guys. I heard you talking about that Hawk Tuah video and wondered what would happen if CNN slipped a question about it into the Presidential Debates.”

Personality: Taylor’s Eras tour continues, and now that her boyfriend appeared with her in London, everyone’s speculating if Travis is now part of the show. What is this, “Take Your Partner To Work Week?” Could you imagine working that closely with a partner? You have to draw the line between work and home!

Personality: Do you know why Elon Musk is the CEO of so many companies? He has 12 kids with five women. It’s his trick to get away and get peace and quiet. And everyone has one. How do you escape from your kids and get some personal space?


Some shows work so hard to be better. They prepare more topics, produce more promos and imaging pieces, and post more social media content. These shows confuse being busy and active with being more effective.

It’s far better to invest the same amount of time, energy, and resources in fewer things. Concentration of Force combined with creative content brainstorming is a powerful recipe to be both relevant and relatable. But if you have to be one or the other, being relatable tomorrow always beats being relevant today.

Side Note: This applies to most news stories as well. Here’s how to write news content with perspective.

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