Radio’s Best Prank Call Feature Now Features YOUR Talent

Radio’s Best Prank Call Feature Now Features YOUR Talent

by Tracy Johnson

If you read this site regularly, you probably know that funny is the most valuable attribute of successful radio shows. And locked-in, daily features are the fastest way to create tune-in occasions, promote a show and grow a fan base. You probably also know that really great prank calls are often the best-testing types of features. Put it all together and it makes sense for many shows to develop a prank call feature.

The problem has been that it’s extremely hard to sustain a prank call feature over a long period of time. You may have a few good ideas, but after awhile, it becomes a grind.

For some time now, the best daily prank calls have come from Envision Network’s Phone Jibba, a daily syndicated prank call feature starring Rick Morton, the morning host on CHR Z90/San Diego.

The Jibba is the driving force behind Morton’s dramatic growth to a top tier morning show in a highly competitive market. It’s consistently funny, delivers ratings, drives online and social media traffic and keeps the show top of mind.

Radio’s Best Prank Call Feature Just Got Better

As of now, the Phone Jibba is even better. Envision is offering a non-hosted version of the feature. That means your personalities can be inserted into the dialogue.

You get a full script and the audio track of the “victim” response. Insert your personality and the feature is ready to go.

This provides a new option for shows that love the feature but want their own voices on it. It’s also a terrific resource if airing your own prank call feature but could use some help with ideas.

In addition to the no-host “Brown Bag” version, affiliates also receive:

Here’s an example of a fully produced Phone Jibba.

  • A fully recorded, plug and play version, with Rick’s voice.
  • A short version to be used as a promo for each episode.


The feature is hilarious, and is a “can’t miss” feature for shows that want to add the “funny factor”.

Here’s the hosted version of one of the episodes, with Rick pranking the victim:


And here’s the no-host version of same episode.


To hear more examples and download a full week of episodes, click here.


The Phone Jibba is terrific, and already airing on dozens of stations across North America. It’s available for barter or cash on a market-exclusive basis. It fits virtually any format.

For more details and to hear how it sounds on the air, visit the website here.

To secure it for your market, and add some “funny” to your show, contact Envision Networks.

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