Radio Promos Must Do At Least One Of These 3 Things

Radio Promos Must Do At Least One Of These 3 Things

by Tracy Johnson

It’s so exciting to hear radio promos that resonate with the audience. The right promo at the right time can enhance a brand, inspire an audience and add to the station’s entertainment value.

How do great promos come together? It takes time and focus. And a little creativity doesn’t hurt, either.

Knowing how to write an informative promo is pretty easy. But great promos deliver a message in style.

3 Things Radio Promos Must Do

Here’s a good way to get started on a path to better promos.

Set a policy that every single promo announcement, no matter how long or short, does at least one of these three things:

  1. Move a storyline forward. By that, I mean a show or station’s storyline. Furthering the purpose, the cause, the brand or the image.
  2. Set an appointment or create a call-to-action.
  3. Establish character and personality for the show or members of the show.

An acceptable promo must do one of these 3 things.

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A good promo does 2 of these things. This should be do-able, with a little time invested in creative writing and crafting the message.

A great promo does all 3. This is less common, but when you achieve the first two, and deliver it with your unique personality traits, it’s a home run!

This goes for personality promos as well as station promos.

Promos That Rock Seminar on Demand

Radio Promos With Character Examples

Every element is an opportunity to promote, position and entertain your audience. This is particularly important for stations that rely on their music library (Classic Hits, Classic Rock, etc.) to sustain their existence, but it’s just as much an opportunity for any format wishing to tighten the relationship between the brand and the music it plays.

Here are some great examples of how to use produced elements to tell stories from CHOM-FM in Montreal:

The station has a series of promos that further cement their history while telling a story about artists. Here’s another example with Green Day:

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How much is your airtime worth? Advertisers pay high prices to address your audience. They invest time and care in crafting their message. So should you.

Every promo has value, but even more importantly, it makes a statement about your personality, show, station and brand. Start investing time each day in crafting those commercials for your show.

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Author: Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson specializes in radio talent coaching, radio consulting for programming and promotions and developing digital strategies for brands.

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