2 Minute Drill: Radio Personalities Must Evolve

2 Minute Drill: Radio Personalities Must Evolve

by Tracy Johnson

The 2-minute drill is a weekly video featuring radio consultant and talent coach Tracy Johnson. Each short episode focuses on an aspect of personality radio. Tracy talks about how radio personalities must evolve in this episode.

2 Minute Drill: Radio Personalities Must Evolve Highlights:

  • Personalities that are not evolving are falling behind.
  • Change is a challenge for some personalities, especially veterans.
  • Motivation comes from within. Every person is either motivated or not.
  • Programmers and coaches cannot motivate someone who doesn’t want to change.
  • However, they can inspire self-motivated talent and bring out the best in them.

Legendary talk host Phil Hendrie says:

You have to evolve whatever you’re doing, especially if it’s an entertainment product. You really can’t keep the show the same and rely on it to continually deliver. Always evolve your craft.

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