Should You Have a Psychic on Air?

Should You Have a Psychic on Air?

by Tracy Johnson

Psychics on air can be great. And they can be horrible. You think you probably shouldn’t have them on. But when you do, the phones blow up, and you can get great stories. So you should. Or should you?

To repeat my standard advice regarding what makes great content: It depends on what you do with it. But if there is ever a time to have a psychic on the air, it’s around Halloween.

Should You Have a Psychic On Air?

Here’s what determines whether a psychic works on the air or not:

The Calls

You have to manage the calls, and the content. The standard questions of “Will I find love” or “Should I look for a new job” get really boring fast. Like after 1 or 2 calls. Nobody cares. Be sure to screen the callers so they’re interesting, and bring diverse stories to the show.

You don’t need that many calls to make it work. One or two great stories are better than moving through a lot of calls that listeners really don’t care about.

The Psychic

Obviously, they should have some credibility and a track record, but more than that, they must know how to interact on the air. It’s a different skill to entertain listeners than have readings with customers on a phone call.

The psychic should fit into the fabric of your show, format and brand identity, not take it over. And they must be flexible enough to respond naturally to anything thrown their way.

The Story

Use your psychic for specific stories, like Dave Ryan on KDWB/Minneapolis. He brought on a psychic to help tell one story, to help a woman say goodbye to her dead fiancé. In doing so, he brought out the intrigue and mystery of the story in a more tangible, interesting way.

Bottom Line

Having a psychic on air is a tool to help you entertain. Use it for what it is, and never, ever allow your audience (callers) to dictate the content.

Need a source? Contact Victoria Bullis. She knows how to make it work on-air. Contact her at [email protected] Here’s her website:

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