Promo Power Webinar Questions & Answers

Promo Power Webinar Questions & Answers

by Tracy Johnson

Here are the promo power question and answers from the seminar Promo Power. To watch the full seminar on demand anytime, click here.

Questions answered include:

  • When you talk about getting rid of pronouns in promo copy, does that include “you”? :00
  • What’s the difference between promos on the air and a promo online or social media? 1:36
  • Can you promote a “winner” when the appointment is to qualify a winner? 2:36
  • Tracy breaks down a viewer’s copy for a promo 4:37
  • Tracy comments on using lasers, booms, and sound effects in promos. 8:01
  • The Red Pencil Exercise. 9:19
  • Is there value to new music promos that position a station against another radio station? 10:59
  • What should be in a morning show promo? 15:12
  • What do you do when there’s not enough time to write great promos? 18:28
  • Give us other ways to credit sponsors in promos. 18:45
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And, I promised to share the parody promo featured in the seminar. Here’s The Big Frog! It’s a great example of what many radio promos sound like to listeners. And it’s hilarious.


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